photographer secrets

I think one of those things photographers are weird about is telling you their secrets about how they get people to pose in their pictures. It can be a tricky thing to try to bring the life out of people standing in front of a camera without letting them feel like they're just not cutting it and their pictures will be totally lame.

I think that's dumb. Do you have any great ideas? Let's share. Please, no saying of things that rhyme with "cheese" or jumping pictures. Oh, I've done my fair share of jumping pictures...and I'll still use jumping as a method to get what I want after the jump. It's just that it's rare to find a person that actually looks good jumping, you know? Though it is super funny when you somehow snap one right as someone lands and their cheeks haven't caught back up to their face yet. I'll keep those to myself.

The Tip: After-jumping is the cutest moment ever. Recently I've become rather fond of the "jump up together and then as soon as you land, squish Lily"



  1. LOVE that you are sharing an idea!! :)

    Mine is usually to tell them NOT to smile! Most can't do it- they end up grinning from ear to ear!

    Screaming at the top of their lungs works too.

    Or I have them run up to mom and dad and hug them as tight as they can. Parent's can't help but smile when their kids do that.

    Sometimes I promise to dance. WOW, that is when I have to pull the big guns out because I'm TERRIBLE at dancing.

  2. I love this post although I don't have anything to share. I can't wait to hear what others have to say.

  3. so cute! I completely agree with you about the jumping shots. My mother in law has a shot of all her kids doing that (luckily the daughters in law were not invited to be in that shot) and i just cringe every time i see it. they just look like they are trying to so high school musical. I am going to have to try the after the jump technique though.

  4. I just found your blog. It's so cute! I agree, photographer secrets are stupid.

    Fart noises are great with little kids! I always just try to get them to open up to me and tell me what they like so I can play off of that. Silly jokes, or having them give you a high five and then hit yourself in the head cause they're "so strong" makes them laugh every time. I spend plenty of time chasing my clients kids and also don't karate kicks. You can't worry about looking silly, cause that's kinda the point!