play with your kids: no. 1

i've had a lot to do with short people (kids, that is) the past couple years and gathered a lot of ideas. here are some of the fun things we've done. you should do them too.

rainbow day at the park:

*got all the kids and their moms and a couple dads around a big old rainbow-colored parachute. then we sang the hokey pokey. it seems like we had to change a few words. obviously putting your whole self in means running underneath and trying not to crash into someone else.

*gave everyone a long piece or two of crepe paper and sent them to run wild down the hills. bigger kids could handle a whole handful of rainbow. windy days are a bonus. also it was beautiful.

*snack that day=everyone's own graham cracker+small paper cup of frosting+whichever paste food color they wanted+popsicle stick to stir and spread. they felt important choosing their own color. go for the box of 12 by the cake decorating supplies. someone really might be wishing for maroon and you'll make their dreams come true.

*separate into groups of 3. each person gets a squirt of primary colored finger paint to rub all over their palms and fingers. then you stand in a circle and mash your hands up with your other 2 friends. red, yellow & blue turn into orange, purple & green.

*frozen colored ice cubes melting together in a baggy also fun color mixing but not nearly messy enough.

*end the day working together to make the biggest chalk rainbow in recorded history.


  1. What a fun spring day activity. Now where to find one of them rainbow parachutes . . . .

  2. I really wish I lived closer to you. This sounds like so much fun. I bet the kids had a blast. I would love to get my hands on a parachute.

  3. hmmm...sounds like really fun things to do...{when there's not snow on the ground...grrrr}

  4. This was a fun day! We used the rainbow kite idea a lot over the summer. Fun fun fun

  5. GUESS WHO IS COMING TO UTAH FOR LIKE SIX WEEKS THIS SUMMER? I'll be on your doorstep with my big, hopeful eyes (and raised eyebrows and sheepish smile) saying, "what are we doing TODAY, superwoman?!" It's going to be awesome.