lenses for sale

35mm is sold and shipped
zoom one's price is lowered to $80...anybody?

here's the story. I have these. I don't use these enough anymore. Someone else (that likes a deal) might use them more. neither was a kit lens, I bought them on purpose for different reasons. both are for nikons. also neither will work with one of those d40-style cameras with no internal focusing motor. ask if you need to. both are in perfect condition (once I clean them well) and have their caps.

so this is the nikon 35mm f/2

read about the exact one here
it is a great lens. from my spot on the couch i just took these in program mode


i've used it plenty for portraits and things. good for families because you won't have to back up across the street or be right up in their business.
$250 and i'll pay for shipping
next up, sigma (for a nikon camera) 18-50mm 3.5-5.6
read about it here
plus mine has a lens hood
i bought this for a trip to England.
i really wanted the 18mm side (so you can see a lot of area through your viewfider)
while not quite as good for just portraits, it's great for "stuff"
i recently posted all those pictures of my house.
both the befores and afters were taken with this.
$120 and i'll pay for shipping

email me quick if you're interested.
plan on using paypal if you can.

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