baby of the month

how many of your blog-world friends have disappeared over the years? stopped blogging. when they did, did you somehow weirdly assume (like me) that they stopped making projects, stopped cooking dinner, stopped taking pictures? because how could they continue on being all wonderful without sharing it with me?...some girl they don't know that lives far far away in a land where they have SNOW days in April?

well it's not true. I don't think. at least for me it wasn't.

one of my creative projects last year was a baby shower gift. the first step was making the onesies. I used images by Andrea Victoria. But in my looking for them today I also found some free ones in pretty colors by Martha, and some more by a bloggy mom Britt. there are probably 72 other versions available on pinterest. also several people that have already written long tutorials, so go read theirs.

LEFT: Andrea Victoria at Designer Digitals
CENTER: Martha Stewart
RIGHT: Britt and her boys Blog

anyway, made the shirts and presented them along with the offer to photograph my friend's baby each month. there may have been a month or two we couldn't get together and took a couple month's photos at once. oh well, not too bothered. my favorite months were 8 and 12.


  1. And we Loved them, still need to get your disk and have you over been a crazy few weeks. You are great!!!

  2. why isn't mira the baby of the month? lol! just kidding.