This still makes me sad.

The end of the school year was rough. Lily adored her teacher. She reached disney-princess-status at our house. Lily would draw pictures of her teacher, for her teacher, and show me how she put in the beautiful sparkling blue eyes because she was so nice and happy.

Lily just didn't want it to end unless she knew that Mrs. Ehlers would be moving to 1st grade next year (she's not).

I appreciated her too. She took such good care of my Lily girl while she was away from home. The last week of school Lily'd spontaneously bust out the saddest tears just thinking about it. Walking out of school with her class and teacher the last day was so sad. We both left crying.

Anyway, this was to say thank you:


As she was writing this she made the realization that if one exclamation mark meant something was great or important, than 9 would made an even bigger impact.


We left a little reminder of Lily in our gift as well:


We kind of snuck in the words "techr" and "kndrgrtn" too. We ran out of vowels.

This letter was for her art teacher.


"to use our paint brushes correctly & I love you"

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