moo recipe cards

like the ball popper balls, this is one of those things that I found and got excited about and wanted to pass on. i have all these recipe cards i've made and have been printing out as photos (which then have to be trimmed slightly to fit in a recipe box). but the photos stick together and aren't all that strong and get dirty and blah.

so i searched for a site that prints professional postcards. i found 14 that do it but you have to order like 500+ of the same design.

then i found they do postcards (among other things). and you can order only one of each! hooray! they're wonderfully thick and laminated (for wiping off messes) and they slide around on each other like a kid on a slip and slide.

they have some guides for creating your cards. they're pretty simple to figure out. they just help you keep essential parts of your design far away enough from the edge so that it doesn't get clipped.

so i put together a bunch of our recipes (typing onto other people's flickr photos, creating them with digital scrapbooking thingers, scans from magazines or handwritten pages)

the rounded corners were my own doing. i just didn't want you looking around for that option on the website.


  1. oh wow. crazy talent, girlie! first of all, LOVE your cute little recipe box :)
    and second, i LOVE moo...but had never considered using them for recipe cards before - brilliant! would you share what fonts you used for those?
    thanks for sharing.

  2. where did you find that darling recipe card box???
    love this idea.
    and, well, all of your ideas :)

  3. love this idea!

    {recipe box via martha stewart at macy's. at least thats where i got mine but in red}

  4. WOuld you consider selling them?? I am ALWAYS looking for new recipes to try and these are the CUTEST things I've ever seen...

  5. Allie ... seriously! How can people even keep up with you? I was painting a frame today striped with crazy fun colors and I was thinking of you and how I was just as cool as you were and then you do something like this!!! You are incredible!!!

  6. Ooooh--- thankyou for the printer tip--- and everything else-- I'm thinking mass production for birthday gifts--- SOO cute. Or maybe you could just sell the whole set on etsy? And we'll just trust we love your recipes?

    Your comments make me oh so happy.

  7. You. Are. The. Coolest. Chick. Ever. That's all.

  8. such a great idea. i need to do that!

  9. Anonymous5/09/2010

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  10. I can't figure out how to contact you besides commenting, so forgive me for going off topic. =]
    I live in Lyman and you did my Aunt Anna and Uncle Stephen Beck's engagement photos. I've been looking for someone to do my Senior Pictures, and I've loved all your work that I've seen. My Aunt said you might not be available since you've had your second child, but I would REALLY love if you could contact me. My email is and my cell is 3077470411, home 3077876624. Please let me know!!

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