neglecting your blog is at least better than neglecting your children

while I was gone from your e-presence on the intergoogle, we've been:

filling the vast social needs of my four-and-a-half year old (did you know all 3 of those puppets' names turned out to be Lily?)

my new part time job: kinderkamp teacher (preschool-ish 1 1/2 hour twice weekly via the rec center) here we are (with identities kept private unless you are reeeally good at recognizing backs of heads) on a field trip to the dentist's office

twirly one-piece hula hoop skirt tutorializing. about ready to post.

hanging out with non-crawling, just propped up in this one baby boys

being visited whilst high school friends are on vacation to their parents. love that about living here. everyone passes through. especially love this one's fat baby. Jenni O if you're wondering EHS alumni. she (meaning the baby) already has a boyfriend. fat max.

big sister lily "helping" max keep his pirate hat on. little brother max not very thrilled.

our children eventually got sick of the gender stereotyping that I guess I had going on choosing their dress-ups for them and showed me (not their Halloween costumes by the way, those are still in the works)


  1. Very cute pictures! I love the "fat" pictures...I always wanted fat babies...the kind where it looks like their hands are screwed on beneath a chunky roll. (Meant ever so lovingly!) Fat babies are the cutest, and so much fun to kiss!

  2. I at least knew the dentist. Did you get his permission? Did you? Didn't know you moved locations. We hear very good things about your kindercare abilities.

  3. max could not be any cuter if he tried! wish we could attend your class...i'm sure you're phenomenal! love that you're back...even if it's just for an update. :)

  4. I recognize the dentist, does that count?

  5. I love Bella! She is the cutest! Just a little Jenni, I think! Cute pictures!

  6. Oh my heck I am so mad that I missed Jenni by like two days! I am so glad that I got to go swimming with you and push Julia in the direction of Lily because i just know they would be best of friends if given the chance. I just know it.