Recipe Card Download

Scrapbooking can help you organize anything! Think labels, files, notecards...really anything you can make out of paper and your supplies.

This month I created some digital recipe cards with images of the December kit. And since it's gift-giving season, I'm giving them to you!

They'll come as four separate files. Each one is 300dpi (so they're great quality for printing). I'm providing both a 4 by 6 inch version of each card as well as a 3 by 5 inch version set on a 4 by 6 inch white background.

These can be printed wherever you print photos. The 4 by 6 inch file will print the recipe card on the full photo. The 3 by 5 inch file has a white border. So print this file as a 4 by 6 inch photo, then trim the white away and you'll have a standard size recipe card.

You can use a photo editing program to add text right on the file before you print. You could also use a pen that writes on photos and just write on them once you have your cards printed.

green 4 by 6
green 3 by 5

pink 4 by 6
pink 3 by 5

blue 4 by 6
blue 3 by 5

red 4 by 6
red 3 by 5

When these open up just click "Download the Large size"