home made lovely guest post

you guys I'm a guest blogger.

a couple weeks ago I shared our home (in clean mode) on heather's lovely blog.

doesn't she even make my name look lovely?

december daily scrapbook album

a month's worth of Christmas magic crammed into one book with lots of glitter and it jingles.
sounds like a very good thing to me.

I set my book up giving one opened-up 2 page layout to each day of December. 
we're going on an amazing adventure the last week of the month so I wanted to give room to include that rather than cut off at the 25th. 

it is already a fat book which is how I like it. 
I used:
(fyi in case you're interested. I'm not affiliated or anything fancy like that)
Studio Calico December Daily kit
stuff from Crate Paper Bundled Up
piles of old Christmas supplies I've had since maybe 2005
plenty of golden glitter and real live jingle bells
vintage that's REAL vintage cards that my grandpa pulled out of his basement from the 50s
I already added some details to days that I know what we'll be doing.
the rest I'll add in as it comes.
while I did label each day I won't be too particular about where it all goes exactly. 
if we have a snowball fight, make gingerbread houses and dress up as elves all in one day and then sit around like duds for the next 4 I will be spreading out the magic.